Los Pies, esos Desconocidos

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  1. rprada 10/04/2013 at 16:37 #

    I have not seen the study, but I heard from a colleague that the latest figure for autism is one kid in 50! This was released for the state of California. I would imagine that it would be true of Washington state, and Oregon as well as western Canada, Hawaii, Alaska andbaja California. These are the territories most directly exposed to radiation from Fukushima.
    Since heavy metals are implicated in Autism, we would expect that as the radiation reaches other parts of the world, and some are already deeply compromised, that these figures will continue to rise. In fact one in fifty may have generalized already.
    It was not too long ago that we had figures like one kid in 100, or before that, one kid in 150, and much before, this disease was totally unknown.
    See Ernest Sternglass complete works on
    http://www.radiation.org .

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