Course «Your Health in your Hands»

Would you like to have a first-aid kit in you own hands that could help you reduce most pains within minutes anywhere in the body?

Would you like to learn a creative and powerful reflex technique that could help you to lower stress, anxiety?

Would you like to learn a simple technique that you can easily use for self-treatment, or to help your family or friends?

Su Jok Technique is the answer.  It´s a very «handy» technique!!!

How can I learn this «handy» technique?

The course is offered in the Escuela de Terapias Naturales.

The course includes: 4 masterclass videos, pdf, self-assessment quizzes.

Your access to the course is indefinite, so you can revisit it any time you wish.


Module 1 – Background to Su Jok Therapy & Technique.  

Introduction to Su Jok, its founder Prof. Park Jae Woo and his life mission.  What Su Jok Therapy involves at a physical and a metaphysical level.

Module 2 – Location of the Correspondence Systems in Hands.

Amazing the similarity between the structure of the body and the hand, and it all started with the thumb!  In a logical and visual way, you´ll learn how the whole body is mirrored in the hands.

Module 3 – Resources used in Su Jok. Studies with Seeds

As a creative technique, many tools can be used in Su Jok, the most amazing is the use of seeds.  Revision of three Studies published on the effectiveness of Su Jok in the treatment of Bronchial Asthma, Heel Spur pain and Sacrolumbago, all of them using seeds.

Module 4 – Practice of Correspondence locations.  Treatments 

Practice of the correspondence location of organs, glands, body systems.  Examples of two treatments, for pain and for emotional issues.

How can I acces the Course?

PRICE: 15 euros

You can access the course by clicking below:

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For further information or query, please contact María Antonia on:


Tel/whatsapp: 34 – 610 947 435

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