Course «Byol Meridians – Su Jok Acupuncture»

Would you like to learn and handle acupuncture in a simple and creative way?

Would you like to be able to tonify or sedate meridians and their energy with confidence and good results in a matter of weeks, being needles just another resource to use?

Would you like to learn and integrate new energy concepts into your life to lead a healthier and more conscious life?

If you have answered YES, you are in the right place.

Learning Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and the Law of the 5 Elements can take years, if not a lifetime, you´re always learning.

In this course, you will manage to deal with the main concepts of TCM and the theory of the 5 Elements in a practical way.  You´ll be able to see them in every aspect of life, such as why someone becomes violent because of fear, or why thinking too much about the same things, being obsessed over something, may cause digestive problems, headaches, and so on. You will understand these everyday situations on an energetic level.

When the energy condition of a person changes, their physical, mental and emotional aspects change also. 

This course will offer you, in a pleasant and simple way, basic concepts of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Su Jok Acupuncture in order for you to integrate and manage them to be able to do a wide variety of  treatments.

What does the course offer?

The online course offers you the possibility of following the video and audio classes at your own pace, without specific schedules, taking all the time you need for study and practice between classes. And at all times you will be accompanied to receive the help, clarification, advice … that you need.

The course offers you downloadable material: course dossier, audios, graphics, images, articles, book …; individual tutorials, quarterly interactive sessions with other students to share specific topics, treatments, experiences, doubts, achievements, etc. In addition, the permanence to the school is forever.

At the end of the course there is a section «Meeting Point» so that at any time you can share your experiences, doubts, treatments, reflections …

It is not necessary to be an acupuncturist or therapist to benefit from this course, but it is NECESSARY to have taken the Su Jok Technique course first, as it offers a foundation on which to work with Su Jok Acupuncture. With both courses, you will be able to work both physically and metaphysically, the two aspects complement each other. Su Jok Therapy consists of these two parts: physical and metaphysical.

If you want information about the Su Jok Technique course, click on the following link:

Course Su Jok Technique

My experience with Su Jok Acupuncture

I studied Su Jok Acupunture in 1994 with Rosa Casal, who had studied with Prof. Park, in Madrid.

I really enjoyed the course and started practicing with friends and family. At that time, the therapeutic world was a hobby for me, I was passionate about it and I dedicated as much time as I could to practicing it.

When years later I studied Traditional Chinese Medicine and Feng Shui, my work with Su Jok Acupuncture was enriched.

For this reason, I have incorporated into the course a base of the theory of the 5 Elements, and of methods learned in Feng Shui and other acupuncturists that will enrich your experience in this exciting journey of Su Jok Acupuncture.

What will I learn in the Course?

Course Content: 

  1. Foundations of Traditional Chinese Medicine
  2. The 5 Elements Theory: Water, Wood, Fire, Earth and Metal
  3. Energy Cycles
  4. Location of the 14 Meridians: Kidney, Bladder, Liver, Gallbladder, Heart, Small Intestine, Pericardium, Triple Heater, Spleen-Pancreas, Stomach, Lung, Large Intestine, Governing Vessel and Conception Vessel
  5. Evaluation of the energy of the bilateral meridians: excess or deficiency, through heat and muscle diagnosis.
  6. Evaluation of the energy situation of the person according to the 5 Elements.
  7. Meridians Hours
  8. Natal Numbers
  9. Energy Typologies
  10. Resources on Su Jok Acupuncture treatments
  11. What are the Byol Meridians?
  12. What are the Shu points?
  13. How do you tonify or sedate Byol Meridians and Shu points?
  14. Treatments:
    • Tonification/Sedation of a Byol Meridian
    • Tonification/Sedation of Yin-Yang Byol Meridian
    • Tonification/Sedation of Long Byol Meridian
    • Tonification/Sedation of Shu points
    • Tonification/Sedation of Byol Meridian Subjugation
    • Tonification/Sedation of Byol Meridians Anti-Subjugation
  15. Byol Chakras – Relation with the Meridians – Treatments
  16. Case Study

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Course details

The course will be available soon in the online school: Escuela de Terapias Naturales online

If you need more information, please send me an email to:

María Antonia Crevillén –

If you would like to register, please fill in the Registration Form – you can download it below – and send it to the above email.

Registration Form 

Comments from Students

«Hello!!! I am loving the course. It is very well explained ”, José Manuel

“I love the course, I am enjoying it a lot and I have just started”, Ana María

“It has been enjoyable and effective for me. Now I have new tools that seem easy and practical to treat symptoms. I was especially interested in evaluating the excess or deficiency in the meridians. » Consuelo

«The course has fulfilled what I expected and has filled me energetically» Roberto

«My evaluation of the course is very good, I have learned a lot and it has clarified many things about myself» Cande

More information:

María Antonia Crevillén- – (34) 610 947 435

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