Course «Su Jok Technique»

Learn a simple and effective reflex technique that helps relieving pain and improving well-being

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Su means Hand and Jok means Foot.

The Su Jok Technique offers simple correspondence maps that allow the entire body to be reached through the hands and feet to work in painful or unbalanced areas at a distance to relieve the pain and to help restore well-being.

What does the course offer?

The Technique Su Jok course is designed so that you can easily learn 3 Correspondence Systems in hands and feet that will allow you to:

– Relieve almost any type of pain in a few minutes
– Get started in the therapeutic world or complement other therapies that you already know, with a simple, versatile, creative, effective therapy.
– Help yourself and others anywhere, anytime.

My journey with Su Jok  

I came across the Su Jok Therapy because of my great interest in reflex therapies.  I had studied Reflexology and it seemed to me that this therapy was an ideal complement.

The fascinating thing about Su Jok Technique is its accessibility, its simplicity, it allows self-treatments easily.  It is not required any previous knowledge to benefit from learning this technique, and you can help yourself and others anywhere and anytime.

I remember one day that I was at a medical clinic accompanying a relative, and while we were waiting I saw that the nurse wasn´t feeling very well, she kept touching her neck.  As there was nobody around, I asked her what happened and she said that her neck was killing her, the pain was unbearable.  I asked her whether I could take her hand and see if I could ease her pain.  She looked at me with a strange face but her despair was such that she offered me her hands.  I applied Su Jok for a few minutes and she could not believe that the heaviness she had feeling in her neck was dissipating, the pain had decreased a lot, she couldn´t believe what was happening, she could strech and rotate her neck with hardly any pain.  The only thing she could manage to say was thank you, still not believing what had happened.

It is enormously rewarding to be able to help a person in pain at any time with just your hands!

In 2004 I participated at the 1st International Reflexology Congress held in Porto, Portugal, with the presentation: «Reflexology and Su Jok: Two Reflex Techniques». The interest raised by this technique was such that for four years I participated in the training of reflexologists at the Emídio Carvalho Institute of Integrated Reflexology in Porto, teaching Su Jok Technique and the Byol Meridian Therapy to future reflexologists. 

It was in 2010 when I first started teaching Su Jok online, only in Spanish, and it was through Skype.  I have had students from different parts of Spain, other European countries, and from the other side of the Atlantic, such as Mexico, USA, Uruguay, Colombia, Venezuela, Argentina, Chile.

In 2016 I created the online school Escuela de Terapias Naturales, where both courses, Technique and Acupuncture Su Jok, are available to study in Spanish.  Lessons are already recorded and available at the school.

Course Content:

1.  Basic Anatomy and Physiology of the human body

2.  History of the Su Jok Technique

3.  Standard System of Correspondence:

  • Reflex Correspondences
  • Primary & Secondary Correspondences
  • Auxiliary points
  • Four-Axis Reflection Principle
  • Partial Correspondences
  • The 2 & 3 points of Correspondence therapy
  • Energy Points

4.    Insect System of Correspondence

  • Reflex Correspondences
  • The 3 Fundamental Principles: Homo, Hetero and Neutro; in the correspondence systems.
  • Main use of this system

5.   Mini System of Correspondence

  • Reflex Correspondences
  • Main use of this system

6.   Tools and resources used in Su Jok Technique

Su Jok is a very creative therapy and this is reflected in the different resources that can be used to stimulate and treat the points or areas of correspondence.

7. The use of Seeds in Su Jok


The course will be available soon, zoom live sessions and recorded materials in the online school Escuela online de Terapias Naturales

If you are interested, please send me an email to: 

María Antonia Crevillén –

Comments by Students

«I recommend the course 100%, because besides learning a lot, you´ll find an experienced professional. My opinion is very satisfactory for how the study of this discipline is proposed. It seems to me a quality training, well organized, and easy to understand. Thank you very much. ”, Juan Jesús, Spain 

“I am still very excited about the Su Jok practice, my daughter is much better since it is the first time that she spews a lot of phlegm, my children are very excited, coworkers are surprised at how quickly the stress and headaches are removed, God bless you for your great support !!! ”  Brenda, Mexico            

“It is an effective and simple method to treat ailments. Methods like this should be known for our day-to-day.” José Miguel, Spain

«I have obtained much more value in this course than I had expected, there is a before and after with this course, my family and my clients are very satisfied that in this simple way I can relieve pain so quickly, and I´m even more satisfied.» Monica, Spain 

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